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From 1992–1997, CODEE ("Consortium of ODE Experiments" was our former name), with generous support from the National Science Foundation, published a newsletter that provided a regular source of ideas, inspiration, and experiments for instructors of ODEs. The goal of CODEE was to share the rapidly growing wealth of computational instruction techniques with as many teachers and students of differential equations as possible. This digital library contains all of the past issues of the CODEE Newsletter.

Summer-Fall 1997
CODEE Adieu; ODE Architect: A Multimedia Teaching/Research Tool; Bringing Technology into the ODE Classroom: How and Why; DFIELD and PPLANE; Nonlinear Analysis of Yellowstone's Plume Geyser; Book Review: A Guided Tour of Differential Equations using Computer Technology; Book Review: Differential Equations: A Modeling Perspective

Winter-Spring 1997
What's the IDEA; HPV Made Easier; Modeling with Difference Equations at the Precalculus Level; Modeling the Pumping of a Swing On Curves of Pursuit: A Computer Laboratory Project in Differential Equations; ODE Architect: Interactive Multimedia Modeling, Differential Equation Solving

Spring-Summer 1996
Gulp!; ODEs 2000: A Big Picture Course; The Pendulum Revisited; A Student Application of Matlab: Human Powered Vehicles; Hydraulics in an Unlikely Place; Book Review: Differential Equations: An Introduction with Mathematica by Clay Ross

Winter 1996
The Future ODE Course is Already Here; Detecting a Leak in an Underground Storage Tank; Small Mammal Dispersion; Orbits Worth Betting On; New ODE Solvers: Time and Event Location

Summer-Fall 1995
Three Activities from Exponential Growth and Decay Lab; Exploration of the Parachute Problem with Stella; How Long Does It Take a Harmonic Oscillator to Come to Rest?; Why Numerical Methods Don't Always Work; Rangeland Ecosystems Some Software for Teaching PDEs

Spring 1995
The Forced Damped Pendulum: Chaos, Complication and Control; The Great Escape; Model Neurons and Fast-Slow Systems

Winter 1995
Memoirs of a Differential Equations Junkie, Part II; Competing Microorganisms; Laboratory Exploration on a Coupled Spring-Mass-Damper System using Stella and Maple; Boston University Differential Equations Project; Percy Possum Plunders; Editor's Corner: Review of Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos

Summer-Fall 1994
Editor's Corner; The Memoirs of a Differential Equations Junkie; An Experimental Harvest from the Logistic Equation; Differential Equations at Midwestern State; The Average Distance Between Points in a Disk; Review of Differential Equations with Mathematica

Spring 1994
New Goals: For an Elementary Course on ODEs; The Savvy Solver IV; The ODE of World-Class Sprints; The Hopf Example: A Model Lab Experiment; Duffing's Donut; World Wide Web...What?

Winter 1994
How to Balance a Stick; Can Terminal Velocity be Exceeded?; Book Review: ODEs by V.I. Arnol'd; Interactions and Reactions; The Solow Model of Economic Growth

Summer-Fall 1993
A Polluted Lake; More on the Polluted Lake; Discovering Differential Equations; Differential Equations, Football, and Chase Problems

Spring 1993
The Painlevé Transcendent; Computing Changes Core Mathematics; The Flight of a Ski Jumper; Heating and Cooling of Buildings; The Lorenz Attractor; The Savvy Solver III

Winter 1993
Review of PHASER; Demonstrating the Stability of the Lagrange Points; First Order Analysis of Communication Channels; Buying a Computer Lab; The Savvy Solver II

Fall 1992
Two-Compartment Pharmacokinetic Models; Teaching ODEs With Computer Experiments; Teaching ODEs With Computer Experiments; Using a Computer Lab to Teach ODEs at UoP

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